Opticoat Paint Protection

Opticoat is a patented product designed in the US for vehicle protection. It is the only paint protection on the market that is permanent. It is a hard wearing ceramic clear coat with superior scratch resistance registering 9H and protection from chemical etching due to environmental impacts. Opticoat forms a continuous protective layer over the painted surface similar to that of a clear coat paint however it has a far better chemical resistance. It provides permanent protection for modern factory paints and can also be used to protect metal and hard plastic surfaces.


The coating for opticoat is 2 microns in thickness which makes it 100 times thicker than most commercial waxes and sealants. This is how opticoat helps protect your paint, as it absorbs the damage that would otherwise damage the factory paint permanently.


Opticoat comes with a 5 year warranty for used cars and a lifetime warranty on new cars. It is not like a wax or sealant as it will not break down or fall off. If you love your cars us much as we do, opticoat is imperative for maintaining that showroom shine and protecting your pride and joy.


If you’re not convinced please click here to read the CSIRO report on Opticoat.


For more information on Opticoat and information on warranties and conditions please visit their website. www.opticoat.com.au


D and S Tint are proudly the SA Distributor and training facility for Opticoat. If you wish to enquire about using this product please feel free to contact us.

How the Paint Protection works

The Truth about Paint Protection


At D & S Tint we prefer to tell our customer exactly how paint protection works. If you’ve been under the impression that you can apply paint protection  to your car so you can treat it badly and not worry about it, then you’ve been mislead. Paint Protection is imperative to those who want to look after their car, but if you are not one of those it’s not worth purchasing.


Paint Protection gives you a grace period of time to get bird droppings, tar, sap etc off your car with out it causing damage. If you dont wash your car for months on end then nothing will protect it. If you wash your car regularly it will save you from these harmful elements.


You may be told by a sales staff that their product is exclusive and does something no one else’s does but usually its just a well marketed product backed by trained sales staff.


In a car enthusiast business like ours we are always on the look for the latest tech products. We are not tied into exclusive deals and we do not give commission to sales staff. We are simply true enthusiasts looking for the best products the industry has to offer.


This is why we are so confident we can change the impression of paint protection.