Residential, Commercial & Office Window Tinting Adelaide

Window tinting is a great way to reduce your energy costs, virtually eliminate glare and ensure your new building is in-line with 2010’s 6 Star Energy Saving Law. D and S Tint are the Adelaide-based specialists in residential, commercial and office window tinting, with no job too big or small.




Window tinting from D and S Tint has many advantages over traditional blinds, roller shutters and curtains, chief among them being the cost. Commercial, residential and office window tinting, Adelaide-wide, can be installed for a fraction of the cost, with just a thin tinted film applied to the windows and no costly and unsightly fixtures. There are generally no on-going or maintenance costs, no pulley systems or railings to break, and no fabric to tear.




With window tinting, commercial, office or residential, you never have to worry about it matching your changing décor and fashion. D and S Tint offer a range of great looking options including reflective, silver, charcoal, bronze and black shades, all designed to enhance your home and match to a wide range of furnishings and interior styles.


Energy efficient


Commercial, residential and office window tinting, Adelaide-wide, can reduce heat absorption by up to 80%. This reduction in retained heat will make your air conditioner more efficient, allowing it to perform at optimal capacity and save on electricity usage. This in turn will save you money, with studies showing that window tinting can reduce air conditioning consumption by approximately one tonne of air for every 100 square feet of sunlight exposed glass.


Reduced glare and UV light


Window tinting from D and S Tint provides 99% UV rejection, protecting your family or employees from the damaging effects, as well as your furniture and décor. With glare reduced by up to 85%, your home or office will be a more comfortable place to live or work. You and your staff will no longer be required to battle with screen visibility, closing blinds and constantly adjusting computer screen angles. Where curtains and other coverings block out the view, a tint enhances it, enabling everyone to enjoy the scenery outside while remaining protected and comfortable.


Contact D and S Tint today and find out more regarding our commercial, residential and office window tinting. Talk to our expert team about your home or office requirements and we can provide you with an obligation-free quote. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and giving clients accurate estimates without hidden charges and nasty surprises once the job is complete. This transparency has given us our impeccable reputation, Adelaide-wide, and keeps our hundreds of satisfied customers returning to D and S Tint for all their requirements.